Protection From Abuse Cases

Domestic abuse is a serious issue in Maine and there are strong laws in place to help combat it.  Maine courts can issue a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order to prevent or regulate contact between individuals who have some family connection when there has been abuse – or the threat of abuse – in the relationship.

Because the stakes are so high – for both the accuser and the accused – it is critical for a party to a PFA case to be represented by a lawyer who understands the law, the legal process, and who can provide solid information and advice.

Port City Legal represents both accusers and the accused in PFA cases.  Those seeking the protection of the court benefit from having a lawyer who knows how to tell the story and present evidence in a way that meets the strict statutory guidelines and customary practices in the Maine courts.  Those accused of abuse benefit from having a lawyer who knows how to make sure that the accuser’s claims are thoroughly tested, and can help make sure that any PFA that issues from the court is fair and does not needlessly infringe on the defendant’s constitutional and parental rights.

A PFA is a serious thing, and we take these cases very seriously.  Call one of our experienced attorneys at 207-210-6559 if you are thinking of filing a PFA complaint, or if you are a defendant in such a case.  We can help!