Mediation Services

Getting divorced doesn’t have to be a painful, bitter or expensive process.  Private mediation is an excellent choice for couples that don’t want to go toe-to-toe in a courtroom, but would rather invest their energy and resources in a thoughtful, cooperative process that results in a fair and equitable agreement.

Divorcing parties always have a choice to make: make the best of a bad situation, or make the worst of it.  Litigation is expensive and often comes with a deep emotional cost over time.  Working with a mediator, however, is a smart choice for a soft landing.  By mediating together, you and your divorcing spouse can produce a much better agreement for much less money.  Maryellen or Joe will work with you both to make sure that:

  • all of the issues that need addressing are identified and understood
  • all of the necessary information is on the table
  • each party is fully heard
  • your decisions are incorporated into a settlement agreement suitable for submission to the court

We will work out a settlement agreement over a series of meetings. Your mediator will be neutral. This means that he can not and will not give advice or act as a lawyer for either party. What he can do, though, is conduct the sessions so that both parties feel confident about the elements at the core of a successful mediation: communication, information and understanding.

Maryellen also offers meditation for probate matters, such as estate administration, trust administration, guardianships, and conservatorships.