Collaborative Divorce

An increasingly popular alternative to traditional divorce litigation in Maine is collaborative divorce.  This is a solid choice for divorcing parties in Maine who have significant assets in play and have a willingness to work together rationally.

In a collaborative divorce in Maine, the parties and their lawyers pledge to cooperate in the process of dissolving the marriage, and to avoid going into litigation mode.  Each party has their own attorney, but the parties work with the same experts or professionals (such as accountants, financial experts, appraisers).  Mediators may be used, but often the negotiating sessions are facilitated by the attorneys.  At every step, the emphasis is on cooperatively developing a solid information base and negotiation framework so that the parties can craft a full and fair agreement.

One other special feature of a collaborative divorce is that both of the attorneys pledge to withdraw from the case should the matter go into litigation mode, so they are highly motivated to see a deal settled through collaboration rather than litigation.